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In 2006, I met Erwan in Stockholm where we both worked. Two years later, we launched our first website : The House of Cufflinks, an online specialist in this masculine accessory which was then in decline. The idea sprang from two facts : there was not much of a range to choose from in the physical shops, and the prices were high. Our site was a success because in addition to offering a selection of cufflinks never seen before, we sold them at reasonable prices. Buying directly from the manufacturer, we had no middleman and therefore we were able to keep the prices down !


To cut a long story short
Building on this success, we launched the House of Ties, applying the same recipe : to be the only intermediary between the manufacturer and the end customer.

Besides being able to offer them at reasonable prices, we could be sure of the quality of products which we selected ourselves. This way of working allowed us to offer our customers products of very good quality at moderate prices. We had the good fortune to see our customers follow us yet again, and then we launched the Belt Workshop, the Hosier and the House of the Shirt, each time applying the concept that had made us successful before.


At the end of 2012, we took the decision to open our first physical point of sale. Since we regularly saw customers come to our office thinking that it was a physical outlet, we thought it might be time to take the plunge. This raised the question of a name for this shop: it wasn't easy to fit the names of all our web sites on to a shop sign... After several months of research, THE NINES in the end was the natural winner, echoing our English influences in terms of fashion as well as the idiom "to be dressed up to the nines", i.e., to be all dressed up.


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